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My education that I have received at Albany State University has given me the knowledge and understanding of the qualities that Miller County High Requires for a solid education.  I have a dual major in Mathematics and Language Arts and I will be finishing my Masters of Udecation in the Summer.  I have also completed my certification in Special Education p-12 grade. I know I can present knowledge to children in a diverse and skillful manner.  I have performed educational research in school safety as well in teaching autistic children comprehensively.  



Bainbridge College ----  Associates of Arts Early Childhood Education

Troy State University ---- Middle Grades Education

Albany State University ---- Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Langauge Arts and Special Education



For the last twelve years, I have owned and operated a learning studio that has supplied my community with a variety of learning experiences.  My studio provides dance, tumbling, martial arts, cheer and baton twirling.  Combined together these classes provide technical, emotional and mental stimulation that allows children to collaborate with others to better their social structure.  I am also an active volunteer with the High School Band and Arts Programs with Seminole and Miller High Schools were I mentor and lead young adults in performing and team leadership.  I am also an active volunteer of the community learning center were I assist teachers and student teachers with administering educational applications to the active students.  


Phone:  229-758-4131


Planning Period: 1st period. This is the best time to contact me.



Class Schedule

1st Period Planning

2nd Period Algebra 2 Support

3rd Period Algebra 1 Support

4th Period Algebra 1

5th Period Algebra 1

6th Period Algebra 1 Support

7th Period Algebra 1