Walter  Belisle Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Chemistry 1, Physical Science, Physics 1


I have an Associate Degree In Arts, I went to FSU for a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. I have a Bachelors Degree in Biology Chemistry, Physics, and a Masters Degree In Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Education. I am certified in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in the States of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. I was offered a fellowship grant for a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction of Chemistry from FSU. I had to turn it down. I was working in another state. I ohpe to be able to start that this next year.


I have been a teacher for 7 years. January starts my 8th year. I have been a Boy Scout Master for 12 years in Bainbridge Ga. troop 516.


     I am originally from Winter Haven, Florida. (40 minutes S.W. of Orlando) I went to Haines City Senior High. I graduated in 1991. In 1996 I was a full time Missionary for my church for 2 years. I served out West in North and South Dakota,and Wyoming.  My first car was a British sports carr 1978 MGB. love that car. I married my best friend Cherl Covington from Donalsonville, Ga. in 2000. We have 3 children. Tyler is 16, Plays Tennis at Seminole County High School. Anna is 13, Sing in the Choir and Show Choir at Seminole County High. Sara is 7, and in 2nd grade at Seminole County Elementary. We live out in the county towards lake Seminole. 

     I am a Science Nerd. Proud to support my family with the love of my hobby. Science is fun for me and so class is fun for me. teaching is not a job. It is my life. I love Kids and Science. Science teacher just comes naturally. My garage is my personal Science lab. Most of my gadgets and chemicals are there. I have a spot in my field behind my house that I test my experiments at. No, the grass does not grow there any more.