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Mr.  Michael  Simmons
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Principal's Corner


Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

                As principal of Miller County High School, it is my pleasure to be your new principal and welcome you to a new school year. We are excited to have students and staff back in our classrooms and hallways filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. It is our mission to help every child feel welcomed and connected while providing a school climate that is conducive to learning. Our mission is to exhibit integrity by upholding the highest ethical standards and moral values while making positive, character-driven choices that empower the belief that every student can be successful and achieve excellence through confidence in themselves, their school and their community.   Additionally, we will challenge each student to grow in his or her academic abilities while preparing them to be college ready by the end of four years. At Miller County High School, we will ensure that every student has the opportunity to be successful by providing a safe and academically challenging environment that will utilize research-based best practices. The Miller County High School Faculty will analyze data to determine current skill levels and to set goals for growth and improvement. We believe that all students should graduate from Miller County High School prepared for the demands of postsecondary education, meaningful careers and effective citizenship.

We will ensure our website will be helpful and informative to both students and parents. All of the information we send out and the events planned will be found on our website. We encourage you to be a part of your child’s learning experience by being active in our school. As Principal, my staff and I will embark on this journey with a pledge to you and our students that this year will be a year of engaging, meaningful and rigorous work in the classrooms, combined with special events and a plethora of extracurricular clubs and activities certain to encourage our students to be involved and stay connected. Our staff will be committed to providing our students many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We invite you to work in partnership with us to ensure this school year is successful.

I am honored to serve as principal of Miller County High School. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you as the school year begins on August 3rd. Please feel free to contact me through email or by phone.

Once again, welcome back! Let’s make it a great year at Miller County High School!


Warmest Regards,

Michael G. Simmons

MCHS Principal